A date with wine

September 1, 2010 4:23 pm - Posted by Kevin in Drink

I am not sure if I like this idea or think it is crazy. Perhaps because I rarely (ie maybe never have) opened a bottle of wine and then not finished it, let alone forgotten when it was first corked. But for those who do, this may be a nice and very well designed idea.

New York-based designer George Lee, has created an innovative and sexy-looking wine stopper called ‘a date with wine’.

The stopper is made from a food-grade stainless steel and silicone. It comes with twistable date rings to help users remember when they opened their bottles of wine to help determine if a wine is still drinkable.

Let us know what you think. Is this a smart usable product, or just a nicely designed paperweight?

10 Responses to “A date with wine”

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  2. VinoPort says:

    I think its “just a nicely designed paperweight”:) Because I can’t see reason why it practically could be useful…. Just for tracing a character of wine during some days after it was first corked? But if you really want to do it, you ll be able to keep this date in mind 🙂

  3. Kevin says:

    I agree with you, a wine that is memorable is
    Really memorable and I am sure you’d pay attention if you were tracking how it ages. Still it is a nice looking, if not practical, piece of hardware.

  4. John says:

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  5. Kevin says:

    Thanks John we really appreciate your comments. Stay tuned there are lots of new stories coming soon.

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