Archeologists Discover World’s Oldest Wine Press, Celebrate With Lots Of Drinks

January 11, 2011 7:56 pm - Posted by Kevin in Learn

Ok maybe the second part of that headline is made up but Archaeologist Levon Petrosyan and his team do have reason to party. They have recently uncovered a wine press and other evidence of grape-based wine making that is over 6,100 years old. The excavation in an area that is now Southern Armenia paints a picture of a complex society where mourners tasted a special vintage made at a caveside cemetery. The researchers outlined their findings on Tuesday in the Journal of Archaeological Science.

In their report Archeologist were able to offer a detailed idea of how the ancient peoples interacted with wine. Like today, it was an important element in rituals but wine wasn’t just for special occasions. The wine press found by the archeologists would have held only a few gallons of juice and crushed grapes. it was operated by the time honored technique of barefoot stomping. For daily consumption experts think the society would have had much larger presses.

The expedition which was paid for in part by the National Geographic Society has also unearthed some interesting politics. Many territories from the Mediterreanean to Iran and from India to China claim to be the originators of wine and so this discovery will be greeted with both cheers and jeers by wine lovers across the planet. It is interesting to note that this area of Armenia still produces wine. In fact the region is known for rich merlots and cabernet sauvignons, so clearly the descendants come by their wine making skills honestly.

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  1. dimsumming says:

    They have found wine vessels in China from over 7000 years ago. So many Chinese experts believe wine came from China, like ice cream and pasta. I am going to Italy this summer because of what I have watched on your shows, maybe the Italians can thank me with a big bottle of Amarone.

  2. Kevin says:

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