Bar Mozza Has a Lot in “Store”

December 8, 2012 3:13 pm - Posted by Kevin in Eat

There’s a great spot on King West for authentic Italian and European groceries, from that coveted French cheese you can’t find anywhere to the best imported olive oils, antipasto and quality meats. In a time when real food, quality ingredients and attention to detail is becoming more in demand, ALIMENTO FINE FOOD EMPORIUM is growing in popularity for great food finds, catering and full family meals. This market is a funky treasure trove filled with modern conveniences and an old-world vibe. What you may not realize is the King West location is so much more.

An open concept space divided into two, on the other side of Alimento sits BAR MOZZA, an exposed, modern yet cozy, Nouveau-Italian restaurant with an ambiance that slides from bistro lunch chic to a sexy evening groove with ease. A selection of unique seating, inclusive of a stunning marble communal table, comfortable back bar with bright red stools and elegant glass tables; the space artfully blends contemporary décor elements with traditional charm. It’s important to note that BAR MOZZA takes on a very lounge-vibe on weekends, becoming a cool place to pop in for a cocktail, a meal, a snack or just to hang out and soak in the ambiance while enjoying a great wine list.

The kitchen is overseen by the renowned and skilled Chef Joe Friday; French trained and raised in Japan, Joe brings a diverse and modern spin to traditional Italian fare.  Rightly recognized for their hearty yet simple lunches, inclusive of rustic sandwiches, pasta and coffees; dinner at Bar Mozza adds a few unexpected elements to the traditional Italian offerings.  House made pasta and pizzas are certainly a hit, with unique toppings such as spaghetti with crispy pork guanciale, Pecorino cheese and egg yolk; simply delicious. However, if you’re looking for a little variety, there is something for every palate here; the poached halibut served with shrimp and scallops on a bed of cauliflower puree is a real treat; vegetarians are in for a few savoury surprises with the breaded eggplants stuffed with cheeses, basil and tomato sauce, or something as simple as the superb Funghi Pizza, and from the filet mignon to the pork loin, the mains are a meat lovers paradise. Attention to detail and a very well thought out menu seem to be the anchors that should allow Bar Mozza to become a favored West-end Italian eatery for years to come.

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