Bar Signs- The best we could find

March 15, 2013 11:29 am - Posted by Jody in Drink, Travel

Need a day to yourself? Drop the kids off at daycare, the pet at the groomers, and the man here. They will be sure to take care him



Fantasy vs Reality


The truth hurts
Always read the fine print



Alcohol, causing smart people to make bad decisions since Mesopotamia. The invention of technology has just increased ones ability to make those bad decisions


Come in from the cold and warm up with a nice big bowl of....whiskey. Seems about right to me


Hey, if you can't get it at home,you might as well come here for it.

Equality for all


This bar makes sure nobody leaves still standing on two feet. Please be respectful of that.


Sometimes patrons need full guidance on even the most personal performances.


A nice visual...


This bar promises you a good time or...a REALLY good time


I'm sure they do have beer and bartenders, and really...what advertising doesn't embellish?


This one i find a little confusing. Do you think the washroom on the right is for the ladies or for the men who are to drunk to stand?


Bars help men escape their wives all over the world

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