Come Fly With Me | New British Comedy

January 2, 2011 12:30 pm - Posted by Kevin in Travel

As everyone know we travel A LOT and so this new British comedy has struck our fancy. Like most British shows it pushes the boundaries but this comedy series set in a busy airport and on the departing and arriving flights, featuring characters played by Matt Lucas and David Walliams of Little Britain fame is really worth watching.

In this new series cameras have been given unprecedented access to one of Britain’s busiest airport terminals. For months, the producers have followed anyone and everyone to produce this portrait of life at the cutting edge of aviation. From check-in staff to cabin crew, from pilots to paparazzi, and from low-cost airline owners to their passengers, all human life is here – and all played by Matt Lucas and David Walliams!

Written by and starring Matt Lucas and David Walliams, Come Fly With Me is directed by Paul King (The Mighty Boosh) and produced by Adam Tandy (The Thick Of It). Lindsay Duncan is the narrator.

We’ll post new episodes as they become available.

One Response to “Come Fly With Me | New British Comedy”

  1. alvinthechipmunk says:

    OMG this is so hilarious. I heard on twitter that you had a link to a full program and wow, what a great blog and what a great take off on airports. Thanks for bringing this to us, we travellers need to have a laugh once in a while.