Wine and food have complemented each other for thousands of years. Wine comes into its own at the dinner table thanks to its moderate alcohol, refreshing acidity, and sheer range of flavours. It is worth knowing some successful pairings of food and wine that have stood the test of time.


An apéritif should simply whet your appetite, leaving you ready to enjoy the food and wine to come, so never choose anything too heavy or overbearing.

  • Dry, light, and refreshing white wine works well. Avoid oaked wine. Think unoaked Semillon or a dry Riesling.
  • Champagne and traditional-method sparkling wines are ideal, particularly for special occasions. Their dryness and relative acidity stimulates the tastebuds.
  • Do not serve the best wine of the evening as an apéritif. A well-made, basic bottle will allow true appreciation of the subtleties of the better wines to follow.

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