More Fast Wine Facts

December 16, 2011 3:06 pm - Posted by Jody in Eat
With what is sure to be a holiday party filled next few weeks, show up prepared and impress your family and friends with these quick wine facts!

  • The Sangiovese grape was named after a god. The name derives from the Latin sanguis       Jovis, translating to  “the blood of Jove.”
  • Bulls blood was previously used as a fining agent.
  • Australia has over 60 designated growing regions (denoted as GI- Geographical                  Indications).
  • To prevent a sparkling wine from foaming out of the glass, pour a third of the glass and       pause before filling the rest.
  • In the US, when a vintage is declared on a label, 95% of the grapes must have been picked that year.
  • Once home to the Wappo Indians, the name Napa Valley comes from the Wappo dialect and means plenty.
  • Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proclaimed October as California’s wine month.
  • Napa Valley was named an American Viticulture Area in 1983, making it the first AVA in California.
  • Vienna is the only major city that is also a designated wine area.
  • 90% of wine made in the US is made in California.
  • Greece is home to more than 300 indigenous and not very well known grape varieties.
  • In South Africa, wineries are referred to as wine farms
  • Of more than 50 countries in Africa, only eight are wine producing
    • South Africa
    • Morocco
    • Algeria
    • Tunisia
    • Egypt
    • Libya
    • Zimbabwe
    • Kenya
  • When Mount Vesuvius buried Pompeii in volcanic lava in 79 A.D., it also buried more than 200 wine bars.
  • Muscadine is not a variation of Muscat. It is native to the United States & used as table grapes for eating and occasionally used for wine.
  • Screw caps seal 93% of New Zealand wines.
  • In 2008 celebrity wine sales  exceeded $50 million
  • Vines were originally planted in South Africa to produce wines and grapes intended to ward off scurvy amongst sailors along the spice route.
  • Winemaking and grape growing in Australia directly employed 28 000 people in 2006.
  • The first grape vines in Australia arrived with the first European settlers in 1788.
  • There are over 112,700 hectares of vineyards in South Africa.
  • Mexico is the oldest wine growing region in the Americas yet the average wine consumption per capita in Mexico is only two glasses a year.
  • South Africa exports around 400 million liters of wine a year.
  • Morello is the name given to the Maremmano horse’s fur and Morellino it’s the local name of Sangiovese in Tuscany’s Maremma.
  • French agronomist, Michel Pouget, is to thank for delicious Argentine Malbec. He took vines over in 1868 from Medoc.

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