Pere Ventura: A man on a mission with God and grapes

October 21, 2013 9:32 am - Posted by Tracy in Drink, Learn

Growing up in the Penedès region of Spain, Pere Ventura Montserrat comes from a long line of winemakers and winemaking tradition. His great-grandfather helped produce the first bottles of Cava at Codorniu back in 1872, with subsequent generations continuing to make wine in the area. However, despite his family heritage, Pere felt called in a different direction. When he was 20 years old, Pere wanted to become a Catholic priest – a missionary of God.

But, fate had other plans for Pere. At age 57, Pere’s father suffered two heart attacks and needed his eldest son to take over the family winery. Heeding the call of duty, Pere followed in his father’s footsteps instead. Dedicating his life to grapes rather than God, Pere ably led the family business for the next 12 years. Yet, when the pressure from his five brothers became too much to bear, he ceded the company to them in 1982.

Firmly entrenched in the wine industry by now, Pere took the opportunity to launch his own business and thus, Pere Ventura Cava was born. In his devotion to the wine, Pere chose to produce the highest quality Cava, significantly exceeding the minimum aging requirements. Whereas regulations only require 9 months aging on the lees – all of Pere’s wines spend at least 14 months on the lees, with some aged as long as 30 months. This dedication extends to his focus on indigenous grape varieties such as the use of 100% Trepat in the Tresor Rosé.

Moreover, Pere’s ethos is infused throughout the company in his assertion that the only way to build a company is with the truth. Consequently, he places enormous pride on respecting the consumer through his control of all processes from soil to bottle to consumer. This commitment also means that the winery is a member of the Wineries for Climate Protection initiative and works to protect the environment by reducing its carbon and water footprints.

It is clear that Pere takes this responsibility very seriously, putting not only his name, but also a rendering of his handprint, on every bottle. And while he never became a Catholic priest, as a true believer, Pere has become a missionary for Cava, promoting both his brand and the quality of this sparkling wine around the world.

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