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Did you know…

December 19, 2011 11:43 am - Posted by Jody in Drink, Eat

Box wine was invented in 1965 in Australia.

Boxed wine is heavily criticized for being cheaper and higher in alcohol than traditionally bottled wine, and rightfully so.
It’s less expensive and more environmentally friendly then bottled wine.   Since the box/bag can hold anywhere from 2-10L of wine, there is less packaging, making it more environmentally friendly.

There are however a few advantages to boxed wine (aka cask wine)

  • It is easier to handle and support.
  • Since the wine in the bag is not in contact with the air while the wine is being dispensed, there is much less of a risk for the remaining wine to be oxidized.  This allows the wine to stay fresh for weeks after opening.
  • Without a cork to seal it, the wine is at no risk of cork taint.

Boxed wine is looked down upon as it promotes binge drinking and pulls all the romance away from wine.   In Australia, it is colloquially referred to as “goon”!


More Fast Wine Facts

December 16, 2011 3:06 pm - Posted by Jody in Eat
With what is sure to be a holiday party filled next few weeks, show up prepared and impress your family and friends with these quick wine facts!

  • The Sangiovese grape was named after a god. The name derives from the Latin sanguis       Jovis, translating to  “the blood of Jove.”
  • Bulls blood was previously used as a fining agent.
  • Australia has over 60 designated growing regions (denoted as GI- Geographical                  Indications).
  • To prevent a sparkling wine from foaming out of the glass, pour a third of the glass and       pause before filling the rest.
  • In the US, when a vintage is declared on a label, 95% of the grapes must have been picked that year.
  • Once home to the Wappo Indians, the name Napa Valley comes from the Wappo dialect and means plenty.
  • Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proclaimed October as California’s wine month.
  • Napa Valley was named an American Viticulture Area in 1983, making it the first AVA in California.
  • Vienna is the only major city that is also a designated wine area.
  • 90% of wine made in the US is made in California.
  • Greece is home to more than 300 indigenous and not very well known grape varieties.
  • In South Africa, wineries are referred to as wine farms
  • Of more than 50 countries in Africa, only eight are wine producing
    • South Africa
    • Morocco
    • Algeria
    • Tunisia
    • Egypt
    • Libya
    • Zimbabwe
    • Kenya
  • When Mount Vesuvius buried Pompeii in volcanic lava in 79 A.D., it also buried more than 200 wine bars.
  • Muscadine is not a variation of Muscat. It is native to the United States & used as table grapes for eating and occasionally used for wine.
  • Screw caps seal 93% of New Zealand wines.
  • In 2008 celebrity wine sales  exceeded $50 million
  • Vines were originally planted in South Africa to produce wines and grapes intended to ward off scurvy amongst sailors along the spice route.
  • Winemaking and grape growing in Australia directly employed 28 000 people in 2006.
  • The first grape vines in Australia arrived with the first European settlers in 1788.
  • There are over 112,700 hectares of vineyards in South Africa.
  • Mexico is the oldest wine growing region in the Americas yet the average wine consumption per capita in Mexico is only two glasses a year.
  • South Africa exports around 400 million liters of wine a year.
  • Morello is the name given to the Maremmano horse’s fur and Morellino it’s the local name of Sangiovese in Tuscany’s Maremma.
  • French agronomist, Michel Pouget, is to thank for delicious Argentine Malbec. He took vines over in 1868 from Medoc.