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Sip Passionately With A Vin Femme Fatale

June 10, 2011 8:25 am - Posted by Countess Rose Perry in Drink

“Follow Your Passion” is Passaggio’s mission statement, when you open a bottle of Cynthia Cosco, Passagggio Wines’ Pinot Grigio you‘ll sip in her passion, her love. Allow me to take you through the sights, sounds, aromas and tastes of Cynthia’s first hand at Pinot Grigio in sunny California. After taking this virtual taste, I implore you to take an actual taste and fall in love or lust.

Fourth generation Italian-Americans, Passaggio brought traditional Italian winemaking to Napa in 2007 and now with their 2010 Pinot Grigio they have brought the popular tastes of Italy to us too. The Italian intoxicating goodness isn’t sealed with a kiss but a “zork”, a plastic cork-like top that keeps the wine from oxidation. Unlike the screw cap, the zork gives the same ‘pop’ of the cork sound most wine enthusiasts enjoy hearing. It’s like the starter gun before a race, it signals us that our liquid journey is about to begin.

The color of the Pinot Grigio in your glass is barely noticeable, but definitely present. It’s reminiscent of blended and very faint, translucent, pale hues of honeydew and lemon chiffon. The aroma is seductive and full of pomello, lemon peel and quince. Swirl this Italian bombshell around, sip and let the honey crisp apples, ruby red grapefruit and Asian pear flood your taste buds. The second, third, forth… sip your palate will notice the tartness of peeled granny smith apple flesh at the end. A longer mica mineral finish than you’d expect with a Pinot Grigio. In the end, your glass may be empty, but the whisper of the wine is still there with you.

Only a woman, a passionate woman who is passionate about wine and life could produce a wine such as this. Passaggio Pinot Grigio is a lascivious, liquid nectar that is salaciously scented and just when you think you’ve had enough, it softly says, “I’m not done”. This wine is a woman and the woman is in the wine.

“Follow YOUR Passion.” Let Passaggio guide you to live life passionately, one sip, one glass, one bottle at a time.

Written by Countess Rose Perry

Certified Sommelier, WSET, CM