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Weird Wine Gadgets

April 10, 2012 9:14 am - Posted by Jody in Learn

We went a found some of the strangest and most ingenious wine gadgets out there.

The Wine Rack Bra will hold a full 750mL bottle of wine and act to give you a little extra cleavage. Careful though, the more you drink, the smaller your boobs with be!

...and for the men, the beer belly!

Now we’ve seen clips that attach onto your plate to hold your wine glass while you are perusing through a party, but this tiny finger plate, can be for only the smallest of hors d’oeuvres!

Perfect for a summer picnic on the bumpiest and hilliest grass!

The ultimate eco friendly bike riding hipster accessory! This on the go wine rack is made from scrap metal and chemical free leather!

Are you a manly man who likes to get dirty and finds nothing more enticing then a tool box, but have a weakness for a fine wine, then this Bosch screwdriver attachment is for you.

Never overflowing from the glass because of air pressure and water pressure.