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April 4, 2013 6:35 pm - Posted by Ellen in Eat

For those of you not already “in the know”, Toronto’s Danforth is a hot neighborhood for food and wine with lots of great finds. And in this growing and energetic area one of the real treasures is Globe Bistro. Our television crew pops by Globe a lot and so we decided we should blog about it. You can always count on us to share great finds.

When you produce television around the globe (ahem, no pun intended), you have the pleasure of trying out a variety of restaurants internationally, from little holes-in-the wall with great secret recipes to outstanding five star experiences, and Globe Bistro is a favorite haunt of ours that definitely stands up globally (pun intended).

Globe is comfortable, elegant and friendly, and offers a lot more than dinner. This eatery looks small on the outside, yet is huge when you get inside, and has a pretty open style (somewhat casual to dressy). The menu and the ambiance will suit many, from the carnivore to the vegetarian, or date night to plans with a crowd! It’s also a great place to hang out at the bar and enjoy Toronto’s atmosphere.

Wine Portfolio’s team really likes the brunch. Our faves include the Swine & Dine which is an exercise in pork and eggs (pork done 6 ways, all house-made), Red Fife Dutch Pancake (the walnut butter is to-die-for), Beet Salad (probably off the menu soon, as beets are going out of season) and Smoked BC Albacore Tuna dish (served on cucumber Udon noodles), yum. Everything is fresh and local as the two main Chefs, Dave Sanders (Executive Chef) and Adam Fowler (Chef) clearly take a lot of pride in sourcing and preparing the menu. The new Spring Menu is coming soon, so stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated.

Globe will also soon be opening their beautiful seasonal rooftop patio, which is one of the best places to hang on a sunny Sunday in Toronto while enjoying half-priced bottles of wine (Sundays only!).  When you’re wine people, half priced bottles are a beautiful thing. There are a lot of dining spots on the Danforth and some have been there forever, but the next time you’re thinking about say, Allen’s (nothing wrong with Allen’s, coughsnootystaff), we suggest you cross the street and pop into Globe, you won’t be disappointed!

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