Travel isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey. It is about the people and places you meet along the way.

I love luxury travel; I enjoy the experience and delight in the process. For me travel is about opening eyes and expanding horizons. Sometimes this is done summiting the base camp at Mt. Everest, sometimes it’s done by summering in the Hamptons. In travel everything and anything is an experience. We live in a big and beautiful world and I look forward to sharing as much of it as possible with you.

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  1. tpmy fasel says:

    used to be in the wine import/distributor business for over 15 years, merged with a large wine importer in South San Francisco 2 years ago. Write wine blogs. Live in new Mexico, but still very much involved in the wine business. Used to import Swiss, Italian and French wines, including local Napa, Sonoma, Lodi and Santa Barbara wines. Good business in Private labels, silk screen. Watch you on the tube often. Very good work. Keep it up. Have several web-sites.
    Did you do every anything with the Swiss wines from the Valais Region, Neuchatel and wines along the shores of lake Geneva?

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