Wine may be universal, English not so much

June 4, 2011 12:53 pm - Posted by Jody in Travel

As we’ve traveled around the globe I’ve been keeping pics of the funniest bad translations and cultural missteps with wine. Enjoy!

All the best wines come from well rested grapes

I am not so sure that this is a bad translation, I think most descriptions of wine is pretty awkward, with elegant notices of leather of course 🙂

What’s wimpy in a brilliant fragrance? Maybe it smells like a teenage boy at the prom with too much Axe Body Spray on.

Super old is always the best age for “fine” whiskey

Why I never drink non-alcoholic drinks

And of course why I always drink wine

My favorite wine bar in Japan (I like the honest name)

Here’s a restaurant named in honor of me

And one that’s definitely not

Finally, all I can say is WTF!

If you have any pics or stories of bad translations or funny culture clashes, share them with us in the comments below. Happy travels.

7 Responses to “Wine may be universal, English not so much”

  1. Sam Restnick says:

    Ha Ha Jody you’re hilarious man. I LOVE these photos, very brilliant. I saw so many signs like these in Korea recently.

  2. Lisa Loves LA says:

    LOL, when I was in the Pi Pi (pronounced Pee Pee) islands in Thailand had a glass of Peenose Grass every night. Surprisingly it was Chili Land or as we say Chilean 🙂

  3. Alan says:

    Jody, you found some great pics from around the world and across the net. There’s a restaurant in Bangkok called Condoms and Cabbages

  4. Smokin' Hot Chick says:

    I make it a habit to only drink well rested grapes and sleep with guys who are far hung low

  5. Yankees Fan says:

    Funny stuff man, thanks for sourcing all this, I’ve already posted some to my Facebook page. But you’re off base on one, didn’t you know everyone loves a dolphin in their wine glass?

  6. Cayla says:

    I hope the Pee wine bar in Japan doesn’t recycle. Just to be safe I wouldn’t drink a nice yellowy chardonnay from there.

  7. Phil says:

    you did notice that there was Ness cafe on the non alcoholic menu right…