Wine… With a silencer!

March 22, 2011 9:35 pm - Posted by Roland Hulme in Drink

The Ravi instantly chills red or white wine to the correct temperature

A very dear friend of mine, Lauren, was inspired by my blog post Drink Like James Bond – so she gave me a wine gadget even 007 would be proud of: The Ravi Instant Solution Wine Chiller.

“It’s like a silencer,” she told me, “for your wine.” And Lauren was kind of right. The Ravi attaches to the top of a wine bottle the same way James Bond’s silencer screws into the top of his 7.65mm Walther PPK.

But fortunately the Ravi has a much more practical purpose. This cunning three-piece gadget contains a chilled metal core which instantly cools wine poured through it. Stick it into the top of your wine bottle and BAM! What comes out the bottom is 10 degrees cooler.

As the box itself boasts, it’s an idea so simple it’s a wonder nobody didn’t think of it before. The literature claims that a few seconds with the Ravi chills red wine down to ‘cellar temperature’ and about ten seconds takes white wine from room temperature to drinking chill. I’m not quite sure how you regulate how quickly the wine goes through the Ravi, but it certainly delivers results in roughly that area.

The Ravi consists of three parts. There’s a clear plastic cover, a black plastic ‘plug’ than attaches to the wine bottle where the cork should be and the chilled metal core that you need to keep in the freezer for six hours prior to use. Just remember the same rules James Bond presumably has with his silencer – blow through it before sticking it in the freezer, or any drips or condensation in the sleeve with bung it up.

As far as wine gadgets go, it’s one of the most practical and useful I’ve ever come across. It’s great for when you pick up a bottle of non-chilled white wine at the liquor store and don’t want to wait to chill it in the freezer – although doesn’t quite get the wine to the perfect temperature, so is more suited to plonk than anything spectacular. Where it really shines is with red wine that deserves a bit of a drop in temperature – I tried a Beaujolais nouveau with the Ravi and it came out at a crisp coolness that would the envy of any French brasserie.

I’m normally wary of wine gadgets, but the Ravi is both ingenious and practical; and anybody who might find themselves needing to pop open a bottle when it’s at the wrong temperature would be grateful to have it chilling in their freezer compartment.

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