X Marks the Wine

October 10, 2011 2:11 pm - Posted by Tracy in Drink

With their X-shaped labels, the Xavier Flouret wine bottles catch one’s eye. The graphical design also adds homogeneity to what could otherwise become a hodge podge of wines. And, for the consumer, the X could become a helpful symbol of quality among a sea of other wines on the shelf, despite their marked differences.

Monsieur Flouret (the man behind the wines) is at the helm of Cognac-One, which imports Cave de Tain and Ayala, as well as the XF range. His diverse travels bring him to many places within the wine world where he has the chance to taste and seek out new wines to import under his name.

His goal is simple – to bring authentic wines that showcase the typicity of their terroir. In addition, he is conscious of developing wines that deliver quality although they may not necessarily be the top wines; while price doesn’t drive the decision, it does play a role in influencing the final product.

Overall, these are wines that Xavier, who is passionate about food as much as he is about wine, wants to personally drink and share at his table.

Sometimes, a search for one wine leads to the creation of another. While on a trip to France’s Loire Valley tracking down a partner with whom to produce a Sancerre, he was invited to visit with colleague Anna’s parents. After tasting their wines, a Pinot Noir from the Menetou-Salon appellation was also added to the XF line-up.

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