Wine and food have complemented each other for thousands of years. Wine comes into its own at the dinner table thanks to its moderate alcohol, refreshing acidity, and sheer range of flavours. It is worth knowing some successful pairings of food and wine that have stood the test of time.

With Desserts
Always try to select a wine that is sweeter than your dessert. You can also choose a wine with a slightly higher alcohol content here as it is the end of the meal. Intensely flavoured desserts are well complemented by powerful, fortified styles.

Chocolate cake
Select your wine depending on the richness of the chocolate. Certain Muscat dessert wines can work sensationally.

Crème brûlée
Botrytized dessert wine makes a classic partnership.

A wide variety, such as sweeter styles of Riesling, Semillon, or Chenin Blanc.

Fruit tarts and pies
Choose a wine based on the dominant flavour – normally the fruit itself.

Ice cream
Thick, sticky dessert styles.

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