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Tales from the sand trap | Part 1

March 9, 2011 10:31 pm - Posted by Zachary in Travel

This week Wine Portfolio is in Doral, Florida at the site of the iconic Doral Resort for the 2011 World Golf Championships Cadillac Championship at the TPC Blue Monster, say that three times quick, I dare ya! For simplicity sake, let’s stick with the WGC at Doral. So far we have had an amazing whirlwind experience of wine and golf in just the first 24 hours.  Jody has already posted a couple of pics from today with Charley Hoffman, Tiger Woods and Ben Crane and trust me, those pics are just a hint of the total experience of a jam packed day. I don’t want to toss any spoilers out there but let’s just say that when the first thing we film is Tiger Woods teeing off from the balcony of our 2,200 square foot luxury villa, fans of Wine Portfolio should know they are in for a real treat. Ben Crane has an absolute must see video on YouTube that you can see here , one viewing will not be enough to really enjoy this epic piece of deadpan comic gold. That’s all the time I have for today, we are off to another amazing wine event this evening. Stay tuned for more on the world of wine and golf from the sun drenched links at the TPC Blue Monster.

BTW everyone at Wine Portfolio wants to wish Kate Rose a very Happy Birthday and thanks both her and her husband Justin for their time today! Thanks guys! Stay tuned in the days ahead for more posts from the PGA Tour.