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The Classic American Drink Isn’t What You Think

December 9, 2013 9:44 am - Posted by Jody in Drink
Zin, White and Blue (via

  What could Bruce Springsteen, Ernest Hemingway, and Zinfandel possibly have in common?   They’re all as American as the upcoming 4th of July.   Indeed, it’s commonly argued that Zinfandel is the grape variety that America does better than any…

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The Love Of My Life – Is Zinfandel-a-licuous

April 6, 2011 9:05 pm - Posted by Countess Rose Perry in Drink

My love of California Zinfandel is no secret. I’ve often said I’d bathe in it and spray it on my pulse points like perfume if socially acceptable. I am a self-proclaimed Zin-head, Zin connoisseur and Zin snob. I’m basically a walking, talking version of the Zins I adore; big, bold and mouthful of sensual spice with piercing touches of spice and layers of sweetness but no tolerance for bullshit. One of my absolute favorites to date, the one I am salivating over right now at the mere thought of the aroma, look, taste and feel of it, is Chiarello Family Vineyards’ Felicia Old Vine Zinfandel.

Since he was a Southern Italian little boy growing up in Central California, Owner and co-winemaker of Chiarello Family Vineyard’s Michael Chiarello dreamt of being a world class chef. He worked hard, trained hard and fulfilled those teenage dreams. He apprenticed in restaurants as a teen, graduated from the Culinary Institute in New York at 20, voted Food and Wine Chef of the Year when he was 23 and opened his first restaurant, Tra Vigne back in Napa Valley at 24. He recently opened his latest restaurant, Bottega.

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